"All great truths begin as blasphemies." ~ George Bernard Shaw


2009 - Latest from Arctic Ocean

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Al Gore missed the point in why the earth is getting warmer - but that is irrelevant as the earth is warming up...

One of the greatest mathematicians and scientists of all times, Henri Poincaré proved that given enough time any three (or more) body dynamic system like our solar system is unstable by birth. We have the sun, 10 planets and countless asteroids and with that our solar system for sure is unstable.  Taken this further the gravitational pull of planets in our solar system causes also the internal balance in our sun fluctuate following the gravitational interaction of these planets. 

Adding to the excitement our galaxy has a huge black hole in the center that keeps our galaxy together. The Mayan calendar had concluded correctly that in every 5,126 years our the earth, the sun have a perfecta alignment with the black hole in the center of our galaxy. The the next alignment is now during the winter solstice day of 2012. There is nothing special to be expected as this alignment has happened already 900,000 times after the earth solidified to a planet. We have also ice core records from the past 650,000 years worth from Antarctica and these tell the us the short term atmosphere composition and even temperature but it is only 650,000 years from our 4.5 billion years - that is 1/7000th of the time the earth has existed or practically no more than a blind of the eye.

Our sun is a thermonuclear fusion reactor held together by it's own gravity. We see it only as very bright evenly colored yellow disk and that is probably good for us.  Our sun is located inside the outer edge of one of the "arms" in our galaxy. Of course is impacted by the gravitational pull from the enormous black hole in center of the galaxy and all the surrounding stars like our sun.  

When we one day master the related math better than today we also learn more of the temperature variations on earth. Remember that anybody including the Scientists can come up with all kind of theories about anything imaginable but none of these has value until the proof is there.

A mystery is that most people have never heard that a boreal forests covered the "low lands" of Antarctica as recently as 3 million years ago.  At the time the temperature of the earth must have been far above the current, and with that the ocean shorelines were likely 80 meters above the present.  For this to happen the oceans must have been much warmer, the atmosphere must have had high CO2 and a high methane content and the sun must have been also a little hotter.  A more turbulence inside the sun could explain the extra heat totally (see the theory 4 below).

We actually have huge methane hydrate deposits in all oceans that all are ready to get released if the ocean temperatures raises. The order of action is: the higher the water temperature the more CO2 and Methane in released into atmosphere. The lower the ocean temperature the more CO2 and Methane is absorbed into oceans from the atmosphere. The CO2 theory as global warming creator does not make any sense as you will see a little later.

The methane hydrate exists in all oceans and appears to be emerging up in sudden large surges now from the Arctic Ocean, according to Russian scientists that have been studying the melting of the ice cover over the recent years. They have stated that up to 1 km wide sudden methane bursts appears to be the reality.

When Methane release process is going on the density of water drops dramatically. It has been long suspected that ships that have simply disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle have met the same fate and instead of floating on surface they simply have dropped to the bottom of the ocean like rocks. 

Why the earth was much warmer some 3 million years ago remains unexplained. There is no signs of mass distinction of the species after the happening some 65 million years ago. The development of the human species like Ardi some 4.4 million years ago in Ethiopia indicate that there has been some major changes in climate somewhere. The answer for this may be buried deep into ocean floors. Or of course we may have had an external influence upsetting the general tranquility in our sun. What was it remains to be seen.















The man made greenhouse gases might not be behind the "Global Warming"

The man made greenhouse gases may not the real cause for "Global Warming". However, the impurities released with these gases are causing major health problems for us all.

Perhaps we can also agree with a simple observation that the vegetation on the Earth is not increasing and it might actually be decreasing as per cutting of the rain forests and the need for new farmland everywhere. If true, then all the CO2 from fossil fuels we are burning or methane from decay should be accumulating into the atmosphere and showing up as a increasing numbers. With this we have a perceived problem but does our activities have real impact on global scale?

Here is a simple analysis to illustrate the issue of CO2 changes in the atmosphere since we have started measuring it in Hawaii. We did use also the BP's global fossil fuels and energy consumption data that was available for the same time period (1965-today) and took the corresponding Mauna Loa now famous CO2 data using the annual mean values to make the comparison.

The left graph below shows raw data with human CO2 impact in the atmosphere. Since 1965 we have added 872 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, left scale for both annual and cumulative. The right scale has the Mauna Loa data as ppm of CO2 in atmosphere.

The graph on the right shows the same data after following manipulations. The purpose is to have the data visible on the same scale. For that we: 1) multiplied Mauna Loa raw data by 30, and 2) divided the annual cumulative human CO2 production by 30. After that we applied exponential fit to all three data sets to peel off variations and while leaving the trends visible:

A) The CO2 content in the atmosphere (Mauna Loa) is not related to the accumulating human produced CO2 in the atmosphere.

B) The CO2 content in the atmosphere (Mauna Loa) increases slower than what we humans put into atmosphere each year.

C) The Claim that Mauna Loa CO2 data confirms that humans are causing global warming is a quite a "Stretch" - or rather simply a delusion.

D) When a CO2 in the atmosphere radiates heat out to all directions not only back to earth. The imagined radiation delay is not significant.


Mauna Loa Now ML2

We can speculate what we want but the Mauna Loa data does not support the claim that fossil fuels are the reason for Global Warming.

There is a different game in town! Of course it is wise to reduce the CO2 emissions as it improves the air quality in our cities and with that improves the health of all people around the World. However, the whole story that the news media and the politicians are trumpeting is totally upside down - and they actually know it!

The amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is dependent of the water temperature in our oceans together with algae and all vegetation above the ground. The satellite measurements have replaced the Mauna Loa charts as they best way to tell to which direction the temperature of the earth is moving. We also know that as long as the CO2 trend is up the earth is getting warmer.

The human life ends when the oxygen content in the air drops below a threshold of 7%...8%. Our current atmosphere contains about 21% of oxygen but in hot summer days on the major arteries in all major cities the oxygen level can drops well below 15%. At that stage we start seeing changes in the human behavior like an increase in the phenomena we call "road rage". People are losing their judgment, get easily irritated all the way to unnecessary accidents. This is the discussion we should tie to our climate issues and the reason we should take seriously the global warming trend.

It appears that we are not that willing to change our habits and replace the combustion engine with all electric drive etc.. For public health reasons that should be one of our top issues already. Also the utilities making electricity from fossil fuels should be located away from the major cities not inside of them.

The only effective remedy against global warming that we know is to expand the vegetation coverage over all possible land masses for two reasons: 1) evaporation and, 2) absorption of sun rays to vegetation instead of the ground - this latter one is great for evaporation. All plants evaporate water and this evaporation is the monster efficient cooling system known to man.

As the sun is causing this warming trend adding vegetation is the only remedy we have. To speed up this process we already have an enormous capacity in earth moving tools to make a huge changes in the landscape in relatively short time frame - compared e.g. to building the "Great Wall of China". With these changes we can create enormous green patches that in turn will do a huge difference in keeping the planet cool.

Of course this vegetation could provide us some extra food as well as a million or so people go hungry to bed every evening. Watering these green patches is not a problem as we have already the needed technology. We can use desalination, pumping stations and pipelines. All that stuff that is common and used everywhere in the developed world.

The climate discussions so far have revealed one of our real problems - or education systems. We can not get universal science out from our universities until the tax payers start funding 100% of all R&D in the universities. This simple change will take the professors out from fund raising business and give them real opportunity to concentrate to their chosen or given research. It is human to listen best all those who feed and give you a shelter with all the comforts of the life at any level. To prevent outside manipulation of the public opinion through the education apparatus we should see that the teachers and professors in this apparatus are properly compensated and have proper job security.

Some Numbers to Digest

Carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe and that by itself speaks in volumes in the global warming discussions. Can it really be creating easily such environments that are detrimental to the life forms that are based on Carbon like almost all on our planet?

  1. The amount of CO2 in the earth's atmosphere is about 3,000 Gigatons
  2. Natural decay of foliage and forests add about 220 Gigatons CO2 and methane per year to the atmospheric CO2
  3. All the the human activities together produce about 30 Gigatons of CO2 per year or about 1% of the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.
  4. Volcanoes add about 0.25 Gigatons per year
  5. Then the oceans of the world contain many times more dissolved CO2 than the atmosphere and in addition there are unaccountable amounts of Carbon based minerals and organic compounds tied in sediments and rocks themselves.

The graph below tells the story of CO2 circulation on earth as visioned by Scientist Hannes Grobe from Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven, Germany.

File:CO2 pump hg.png

With everything we do we can only have a fractional impact to the 1% of the CO2 in the atmosphere.

The higher the ocean surface temperature the more these greenhouse gases are "ejected" to the atmosphere - and the lower the temperature the more they are absorbed into the oceans. There is no data to say that we can make make a difference with our handling of the fossil fuels. We only know that some of the soot from incomplete burning is outright dangerous to our health. Just try the five-a clock traffic jam in any Metropolitan area. The problem here is not only the incomplete burning of the exhausts but also the lack of oxygen on the ground level that can sometimes approach even the safe limits for the humans.

The video below shows the essence of the truth regarding the causes for the global warming. The story itself is of course much longer and if you have 2 hours+ you can watch it on another page. The greenhouse gases are not causing the global warming. They are just the public gospel. We got there because of the news media and it's best sellers are always looking for sensationalism. The real facts are always simple and with nothing spectacular in them what is there to sell? Yes, the earth is warming but we do not really know why. The only thing we can count out is the CO2!

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Note that the Sun is currently in phase that causes a temporary lull in the warming trend with more than usual cloud formation during the next 3 to 4 years. Before we pass that we really do not know what comes next. Everything points that the earth is continuing the path towards warmer climate but at the moment we have no idea either why.

The CO2 in the atmosphere is not the cause for global warming - it is the consequence of it!