Bilderberg Group - Who?

The puzzling questions are: 1) What is the Bilderberg group and what is their Goal?, and 2) Who are the real powers behind it? We know that they are not politicians in a common sense, nor news casters and not only bankers. They are the movers and shakers but not in a commonly understood way.

We speculate this group to be a further amalgamation of the European and American Banking Empires and Nobility tied conveniently to the fanatic part of Judaism. They are clearly looking for ways to secure power over the global financial system and use it to create and manage the World while hiding their roots and the questionable methods they have acquired their huge financial wealth.

One of their short term goals now is to break down the European Union. This would be done using a domino theory that would put the nations in charge of the loans their private banks had taken by forcing the nations to nationalize their private banks and accordingly the debts of these banks would become public liability.

Within the past few years they had managed to get these private banks to invest huge sums to more or less worthless US Mortgage securities and then using these as collateral to invest further into the forever rising stock and commodity markets for further gains. The banking Empires, like Goldman Sachs, Chase & al., were fueling these markets themselves by creating energy and raw material bubbles to make it all to look highly profitable.

Few had ever paid attention that the derivatives contracts in the world had risen to US$ 600 trillion during the past few years and even fewer knew that these 9 banks plus some other private banks like Bank America controlled this entire US$ 600 trillion market. Controlling this market requires about US$ 20 trillion in cash or "cash equivalents" and with that these banks could drive any commodity and currency price or exchange rate anywhere they wanted. They also practiced naked short selling of securities that suppressed the share prices even further. This all while they waited for their brotherhood's now outcast, Lehman Brothers, to take a risky move with derivatives without enough counterbalance and when this surfaced they stroke and Lehman Brothers became history at that very moment. This was September 15th, 2008.

These megabanks did not care that as a result all pension savings dropped by 50% or even more within the next few months when all stock and commodity markets crashed around the globe sending the world into a deepest recession since 1929 that still continues. They knew that the US Government would do what they wanted and that the FED, they owned outright, would give them the cash they wanted at reasonable price, like 0.25% or even less. These same banks kept on raising the interest rates on credit cards to 29.9% every time when a borrower failed to pay on time. They also unilaterally changed the re-payment period of their consumer debts from 10-20 years to less than 3 years, a move that secured that all marginal borrowers' loans would go bad within a few months allowing the lenders to raise the interest rates of these loans to 29,9%.

The Banking Empires made huge profits on both sides of the curves while creating conditions where the smaller private banks outside their inner circle was approaching insolvency. FED, ECB and others have so far given the banking empire at least $5 trillion to "help" stabilizing the system. The Empire banks balance sheets are bursting from excess cash while the rest of the banks cannot borrow as they have nothing to offer as collateral that would have any value: the US mortgage securities are worthless and the stock markets are still 30%-40% below where they were in early 2008.

Here is what we understand of the game board so far (needs some checking):

In 1815 the Jewish Baron Rothschild cornered the UK stock markets ending up owning most of the UK's industry and the keys of the Bank of England, until Winston Churchill nationalized the Bank of England after the WW II.

We do not know how this huge financial empire developed since but we suspect that it today controls the US FED . We also know that the European banks started lobbying the US Congress almost immediately after 1815 to let them establish the Federal Bank of the USA to control the interest rates for the benefit of the country. It took almost hundred years lobbying until in 1913 FED was established as a 100% private corporation. For compensation of it's services as a Federal Bank of the USA it receives a fixed 6% for its own capital from the US government and has all expenses paid by the same; in early 60's the Congress changed their charter and FED can no more keep the excess interest for the money they lend to the US government nor anybody else but must pay it in full to the US Treasury - a good reason why the interest rates remain low at the moment. The 9 private banks that own FED are: 1) Rothschild Bank of London, 2) Rothschild Bank of Berlin, 3) Lazard Brothers of Paris, 4) Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy, 5) Warburg Bank of Amsterdam, 6) Warburg Bank of Hamburg, 7) Lehman Brothers of New York, Bankrupt in 2008, 8) Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York, 9) Goldman Sachs of New York, and 10) Chase Manhattan Bank of New York.

The USA is not in trouble at all even when it is financially much weaker than most European countries, why not? Is it because the USA is already controlled by the New World Order. How can you else explain that a President we elected only two years ago got nothing done from his election agenda even if he had a huge majority both in the House and in the Senate? Something in the USA id not how it looks on the surface.

Note, that the Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahy told a couple of years ago publicly that the USA will do what they (Gnesset) want. US Congressional activities seem almost hilarious in this respect. This is demonstrated also in all voting in the UN security council where the USA has never approved any resolution against Israel regardless of the atrocities Israel is committing on high seas, West Bank, Gaza strip and even Jerusalem. The same happens in the US Congress as can be seen from one example vote during the 110th Congress. We here in the US South experienced how a Californian colored woman who was against Israeli atrocities was removed from Congress using something that looked like a news media conspiracy. A common frazeology include statements like: "it does not matter whom you vote as long as that person is a Jew".

We speculate that we have several groups involved into this re-amalgamation of power and it is somehow unclear how they might be cooperating in this game. We know that Mr. George Soros, the former Hungarian Jew, global financier and a US Citizen is involved. His main strategy has always been to confuse first before making the final moves to paralyze his opponents. George Soros is a legendary investor and financier, a Hungarian Jew who managed to escape from the Nazi Germany. He "predicted" the devaluation of the British pound on September 16th 1992 and profited with that about 2.4 billion pounds. We know he is a member of Bilderberg group but his name is not in the public roster.

Who all are involved and on which side of this game remains unclear, but here are some of interest:

  1. The descendants of 1933 failed military coup and the US Military Industrial Complex. Our Financial system is operated under the Federal Reserve Bank or or FED since 1913. Despite the name it is a private bank owned by West-European, Israeli (Khazar) and US wealthiest families through their banking empires that own FED.
  2. The former European royalty, especially the faction that financed Baron Rothschild's takeover over the British industries in a stock market coop of 1815 including the Bank of England that Winston Churchill nationalized 130 years later in the aftermath of WW II. We know that about 100 years a later Baron Rothchild was involved in preliminary planning of the State of Israel when he got the UK government to promise and sign the so called Balfour declaration in 1917 making it all official. We also know that large numbers of wealthy Jews from Khazaria had emigrated through Russia towards the West.
  3. The group with the name "Venetian Black Nobility" had progresses through Italy by intermarrying to the European nobility. The ancestors of this more or less coherent group came from Levant, that is the Eastern shores of the Mediterranean They were mainly Jews with ancestral roots containing also Phoenician origins especially those that lived in Alexandria Egypt and Carthage around the time of rapid expansion of the Roman empire.
  4. The Illuminati in whatever form they exist today. The movement was founded on May 1, 1776, in Ingolstadt (Upper Bavaria), by Jesuit-taught Adam Weishaupt (d. 1830).
  5. The Templars in whatever form they might have survived the effort of the French King and the Catholic Church to kill the all in 1314 to take their castles and treasuries. The Templars had established banking system covering all the meaningful Europe and Levant and at the ned of the Crusades they were by far the most financially influential people in Europe, more influential than the kings and the Church.
  6. Freemasons, The origins and early development of Freemasonry are a matter of some debate and conjecture. A poem known as the "Regius Manuscript" has been dated to approximately 1390 and is the oldest known Masonic text.
  7. Trilateral Commission is a private organization, established in 1973 to foster closer cooperation among the USA, Europe and Japan. The members include the founder David Rockefeller, who was Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations at that time
  8. Bilderberg group with Soros and the inner circle. Soros is reportedly the leader in the current effort to bring down the European Union using the domino theory starting from the PIIGS countries. The independent and separate small nation of Iceland was used as a test case. If true this puts Soros to the center of the September 15th, 2008 financial crash, the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the bail out of AIG. This makes him also a party involved into ENRON bankruptcy and the creation of the US worthless securitized mortgages.

The Judaism as a religion has two striking features that are still revered amongst them. To save your virginity in religions you may not want to read the following two paragraphs:

  1. The Kol Nidre Prayer practiced by Ashkenazi Jews (about 90% of all Jews are Ashkenazis i.e. Khazars) have a special prayer that is once a year on a specific day to release them ahead of the time from all and every wove they may end up making during the coming year. It is repeated three times as a prayer and it is done - it goes something like this: "All personal vows we are likely to make, all personal oaths and pledges we are likely to take between this Yom Kippur and the next Yom Kippur, we publicly renounce. Let them all be relinquished and abandoned, null and void, neither firm nor established. Let our personal vows, pledges and oaths be considered neither vows nor pledges nor oaths."
  2. Torahs and the leading Rabbis still teach the following: Gentiles (means all non-Jews) were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. Then some comments by some of the Rabbies: “We…continue to be amazed with the ease by which Christian Americans have fallen into our hands…naive Americans…we have TAUGHT them to SUBMIT to our every demand…Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932. Roosevelt was our man; every president since Roosevelt has been our man. We…have put issue upon issue to the American people. Then we PROMOTE BOTH SIDES of the issue as confusion reigns. "…I’d say more than 90% (of us) know what is really happening to our people. We have COMMUNICATION unequalled…It is an established rule to destroy all members of pre-existing government…the Police, State Police, Army officers and their families and relatives… The cultural and intellectual influence of Judaism is felt throughout the entire world…MONEY is more important than morality. “We can accomplish anything with money…Israel can now win in any encounter…It will also be the base for World Government Headquarters. We CONTROL EVERY MEDIA of expression…newspaper, magazines, radio, television…even your music! We CENSOR…before long we will have COMPLETE CONTROL of your thinking… “ANTI-SEMITISM does NOT signify opposition to Semitism. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. It is an expression we…use effectively as a SMEARWORD …used to brand…anyone who brings criticism against (us)…We use it against HATE-mongers…(we) do so. That’s all there is to it.

Where are the real powers of the Bilderbeg group, people like George Soros, the legendary investor and financier, a Hungarian Jew who managed to escape from the Nazi Germany? Soros was the one who "predicted" the devaluation of the British pound on September 16th 1992 and profited with this single move by about 2.4 billion pounds. We know he is a long standing member of Bilderberg group but his name is not in the public roster! Who else are all the "no name" members to this secretive society?

Soros has also been well connected to the Neoconservatives oozing out from the Chicago School of Economics. This group at one time planning the steps we needed to take to progress towards the "New World Order". This include the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and perhaps also Iran.

Soros participated also in bringing of the "democracy" and the privatization to Russia after the Soviet Union failed. His interest at that time was to "help" privatizing all the former government's enterprises. Many of them ended up to the hands of private individuals with little or no real money at all but plenty of political connections outside the Russia. It did not take long for the patriotic Russians to see what was going on and the red carpet treatment for Soros stopped.

We know that those holding power in Bilderberg group are not elected politicians nor central bankers of any country. The hidden powers are the ones who direct the others towards the end exploiting everybody as they please.

Look what happened to Iceland. Suddenly today there is a huge number of Portuguese politicians and bankers in the membership roster. How did they pop up? It appears that when a large number of members from a country surface this country is in trouble, it has become a domino piece that is about to fall prey to the financial powers behind the group.

Europe and Euro might do just fine if Soros and the powers with him could be eliminated as this would allow to stop the falling domino game that is going on. The public knows about Greece, Iceland and Ireland.  Public does not know about the oil rich Kazakhstan and what this country did when they were put under similar position by Soros & al. (Reuters has been the only one to report this).

Perhaps the government of Kazakhstan knew the history and understood what even the banks will do when they have two choices left. They have had this situation already three times in limelight with the American Icon and property developer Ronald Trumpf who has woken up twice in untenable situation after the real estate markets crashes and the third time in early December of 2008 when the current financial crisis kept on spreading wider and wider. The banks will blink when the debt is large enough and they will renegotiate terms to any debt to reach an amicable solution when the alternative is a full blown bankruptcy and fire sale of all properties as this would bring in only a fraction of the value of the properties.

Kazakhstan went and nationalized their largest private bank and every other bank was ordered to rearrange their foreign debts ar face bankruptcy. Not a single loan was nationalized - that means Kazakhstan refused to recognize any of them as loans given to Kazakhstan, and accordingly not a single foreign debtor will get a penny from the government of Kazakhstan and not a single Kazakhstan enterprise will be handed over under foreign control. Kazakhstan gave foreign debtors three options in the following order:

  1. Friendly: renegotiate the loans including a sizeable "hair cut" into the amount of debt, some of it can be converted to share capital;
  2. Bully back: if lenders did not want to be friendly Kazakhstan dictated the debtors new loan agreements with take or leave ultimatum;
  3. Hostile: if "bully back" was not good then the next statement was blunt: sell your loans to others as your business in Kazakhstan has ended.  

Iceland stated to this direction, but got cold feet even when Russia and China showed support. In Iceland three private banks had at that time debt load that was five times the BKT of Iceland to game the global stock markets and perhaps also on the derivatives markets.  The US$ 600 trillion derivatives market/casino is "owned" by the largest US banks. This is 10 times the global combined GDP.  

Soros & Co demanded now that thyme people of the Iceland pay the debt of the private Icelandic banks because these banks are domiciled in Iceland.  We can bet that the papers in due time will show that the advisors to the Iceland's banks came from the largest American banks or subsidiary companies they owned. The Icelanders reacted the right way - now way we pay nothing - but politicians, bankers and media members, some involved perhaps into this game, were already members of the Bilderberg group in disproportional numbers compared to other countries. This act is not at the end as of yet.

The Irish banks had taken debt to level that was about 10 times the GDP. In Greece the politicians acted like almost half criminals to start with. The best joke is that most countries have a trade balance that require no adjustments at all in their internal behavior.

The sad case is that Soros wins if the debts of the private banks are nationalized i.e. they are transformed to become debts of the governments. As a consequence European Union will be dismantled which has been the dream of the USA since the European Union was established. If that happens nothing could threaten the position of the US dollar as the reserve currency of the world during the next 20-30 years. History shows how this problem can be solved using e.g. the example from France from the late 18th century. 

In reality the financial situation in the USA is much worse than in Europe. Having the dollar as the world reserve currency has saved the USA so far. As long as the world is willing to exchanger dollars for real money nothing will happen to the USA. Few has noticed but the USA has not paid any of her debt since 1830.   The interest of the USA and China are parallel at the moment and China knows that the USA is trapped. China will not sell their bonds in dollar any time soon as abrupt fall in value of the dollar would mean suicide to any Chinese politician in power when it happens. Helicopter Ben in turn promised even before his election to his current position as Chairman of the FED that he will use helicopters to distribute money to the people if needed - this means that the interest rates in the USA are not raise any time soon. If the interest rates would raise high nobody would know how to stop the America people from going to barricades against the government and no person currently in Congress would return there.

Soros is currently winning the domino game and is making money by train loads. He organized the private banks to invest to such high yield fully secured US "Securitized Mortgages" papers and these banks went crazy in buying them. This raised the debts of these private banks to levels that they were hardly abel to support. Then on September 15th, 2008 Sores made 180 degree turn. Lehman brothers was put to bankruptcy and the markets around the world tanked in a orchestrated move. The markets went down 50% in a half year with some papers going even more. The lending banks were now prudent to demand for more collateral for their debts what these private banks did not have any more. This gave Soros a reason to sell short the government securities in high private bank debt countries resulting to much higher interest rate for any new loans the governments would need to take.

The next job for Soros was to convince the countries that they were responsible from everything happening inside their borders and that meant also the foreign debt of their private banks. Soros has access to all major news media in real time and he can respond to anything that is coming out even before it comes out. This is a huge benefit in impacting the public opinion. The real truth is that if a person anywhere in the planet goes bankruptcy his property is sold and whatever is recovered is given to the debtors after the expenses. Here Soros plays the guilty feelings of the deeply religious people while the sinister part is that he has likely bought most of the influential politicians already. The cost of this might be a poultry million or two per politician that is so small that it does not even show up as rounding error in this game.

As most debts have to be renewed within a few years intervals and the current practice demands that at the time loan origination fees are paid and a new interest rate is applied it all will be extremely profitable for Soros. As the country if it nationalizes the debts of the banks suddenly owes 5 to 10 times its GDP as new debt it can likely not even reduce the debt at all. And when the interest rates are now much higher it all is just gold to the coffers of Soros and his cohorts.

We will of course ask where is this money used as at least Soros & al. can never consume it as a persons. This would remain as an unanswered riddle but the Sun King of France, Louis XIV told it flatly: the one with most money will always win the war.  Soros & al. want to establish a new World Order and for that they needed an army and money.  The budget of the US military forces is today the same size as the military budgets of the rest of the world put together. The next question is where is this military force needed and here the only logical answer is in a war against China if it ever materializes. 

The "known" Bilderbergers


Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld in 1942.


United States




United Kingdom

Prime Ministers














EU Commissioners

European Union Commissioners who have attended include:


Financial institutions

Major corporations

University, institute and other academic

















Name for the forever strong Ruler Group is now Bilderberg

The formal initial conference was held at the Hotel de Bilderberg, near Arnhem The Netherlands, from 29 May to 31 May 1954. It was initiated by several people, including Józef Retinger, concerned about the growth of anti-Americanism in Western Europe, who proposed an international conference at which leaders from European countries and the United States would be brought together with the aim of promoting atlanticism – better understanding between the cultures of the United States and Western Europe in order to foster cooperation on political, economic, and defense issues.

Retinger approached Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who agreed to promote the idea, together with Belgian Prime Minister Paul Van Zeeland, and the head of Unilever at that time, Dutchman Paul Rijkens. Bernhard in turn contacted Walter Bedell Smith, then head of the CIA, who asked Eisenhower adviser Charles Douglas Jackson to deal with the suggestion. The guest list was to be drawn up by inviting two attendees from each nation, one of each to represent conservative and liberal points of view. Fifty delegates from 11 countries in Western Europe attended the first conference along with 11 Americans.

Meetings are organized by a steering committee with two members from each of around eighteen nations. Official posts, in addition to a chairman, include an Honorary Secretary General. There is no such category in the group's rules as a "member of the group". The only category that exists is "member of the Steering Committee". In addition to the committee, there also exists a separate advisory group, though membership overlaps.

Dutch economist Ernst van der Beugel took over as permanent secretary in 1960, upon Retinger's death. Prince Bernhard continued to serve as the meeting's chairman until 1976, the year of his involvement in the Lockheed affair. The position of Honorary American Secretary General has been held successively by Joseph E. Johnson of the Carnegie Endowment, William Bundy of Princeton, Theodore L. Eliot, Jr., former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, and Casimir A. Yost of Georgetown's Institute for the Study of Diplomacy.

A 2008 press release from the American Friends of Bilderberg stated that. Bilderberg's only activity is its annual Conference. At the meetings, no resolutions are proposed, no votes taken, and no policy statements issued" and noted that the names of attendees were available to the press. The Bilderberg group unofficial headquarters is the University of Leiden in the Netherlands.

According to the American Friends of Bilderberg, the 2008 agenda dealt "mainly with a nuclear free world, cyber terrorism, Africa, Russia, finance, protectionism, US-EU relations, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Islam and Iran".

Don't get fooled, the real purpose of this group is to accomplish much more than what meets the eye - their target is nothing less than the global domination. This was revealed by the U.S. President George W. Bush (in a 2003 conversation with French President Jacques Chirac on wars in the Middle-East) when he said:

“This confrontation [between the forces of the Apocalypse and Israel] is willed by God, who wants to use this conflict to erase his people’s enemies before a New Age begins”.

Today the combined assets of the Banking Empires in UK and the USA add up to at least to US$ 20.5 Trillion. When leveraged at a prevailing ratio of 30:1 it represents a financial power of US$ 600 Trillion. Is it an accident that the global derivatives markets happen to add to the a value that is between US$ 600 - 700 Trillion? In comparison the combined GDP of the UK and the USA add only to US$ 16.5 Trillion.


From the above graph we see the decision of the City (UK banks) to take over the UK economy was made in late 1960's. It is not an accident that the similar power grab started in the USA 20 years later. As said these two Banking Empires are tied together with a history spanning over two hundred years with real power residing in the City of London. Is this why the newly elected presidents and prime ministers when talking first time claim to maintain the special relationships between the two nations.


To understand the connection between these two Banking Empires we must go back to year 1815 and Napoleonic wars in Europe and the outcome of the battle in Waterloo. The well connected Baron Nathan Rothschild was at the time hiding the wealth of European sovereigns from Napoleon and with this he had immense financial fire power in case an opportunity would arise. Using the confusion around the outcome from the decisive battle where Wellington faced Napoleon in Waterloo Nathan Rothschild was able to corner the UK stock markets and gain control over the whole UK industry. With his new position Rothschild demanded and got the controlling stake to the Bank of England and all it's gold reserves rumored to have been about 3,000 tons.

On hine side it is more than likely that this confusion was man made by the clan Rothchild. They were by far too well organized to handle this takeover of the UK industry in a few precious hours available before the facts would arrive.

Fast forward to the year 1913 and finally after about 100 years of lobbying heirs together with other European and US bankers received the full ownership over the newly established Federal Reserve Bank of the USA or FED.

The Bilderberg group was created to control the world using the independent governments as their tools. The descendants of the "Venetian Black Nobility" (VBN) have now a huge financial muscle to put any single or even group of countries to bankruptcy at will and they are exercising this at the moment first through Greece, the Spain and Portugal. There is no logic in this at all as UK and the USA are in much worse condition using the real measuring sticks. As long as the US dollar is the global reserve currency it is irrelevant how many dollars the USA prints - and with that it of course gets off the hook together with her master, the City of London and VBN that runs it!

This "hidden" power secures the loyalty of the governments to any decisions the root group has already made and this "selling" these to the group is just telling them how to adjust to what is coming. As long as the governments believe that they are helpless everything will go as planned. The only way to stop this and the inevitable WW III on this path is to get the governments to take their responsibility to the people and stop this nonsense. If it takes to break down the EU and return to the national currencies so be it but the instant decision must be to replace the US dollar as the world's reserve currency in favor of a weighed value basket of 10 largest economies on the planet, and call it something new like "Terra". To summarize the solution:

  1. The US dollar must be replaced as a reserve currency of the world.
  2. The derivatives market at US$ 600 Trillion is loaded gun waiting someone to pull the trigger.
  3. High oil price will impair Chinese economy but it will solve the energy crisis.
  4. Low oil price will impair Russian economy and prolong our energy crisis.
  5. The US military budget is larger than the combined military budgets of the rest of the world - this has to end.
  6. Ban naked shorting of any commodity, any currency, any company shares, and any derivative one has ever imagined.
  7. Increase the margin requirements to all derivatives trade to 10%, this kills the US$ 600 Trillion derivatives bubble.
  8. Increase the banking capital requirement to 10%, this makes banks solid like they should be.

There would be a huge outcry and lobbying against these moves claiming that these moves will destroy the worlds financial system. That is just total BS. The outlawed Havana banking works perfectly well even over the borders though some countries, like the USA, have outlawed that system. At the end with above changes the new system is much less expensive for the general population that is openly robbed by the current banking and derivatives trading systems. Ever wondered why you gain absolutely nothing from your stock holdings?

Germany was the only country on the right track to solve the Greece crisis but the French President threatened to pull out of Euro and when Germany blinked EU got instantly under the VNB. Germany was not ready to abandon Euro as of yet. Don't bet your shirt on that she would not do just that. The computerization of the world has made the existence of one only currency irrelevant. To show her displeasure Germany banned short selling of all government securities and major corporation share in 24 hours as a surprise move telling just blatantly that the survival of Germany as a nation has the highest priority.

The VNB established the "Bilderberg group" as their power tool to dominate the world and as it moves forward they are well on their way to win the gamble. We the people of the world are going to provide the playing chips as money and blood including the WW III that is soon to swallow us all.













The Venetian Black Nobility

Around 1400 AD, European power centers coalesced into two camps: the Ghibellines, who supported the Emperors Hohenstaufen family, and the Guelphs, from Welf, the German prince who competed with Frederick for control of the Holy Roman Empire. The Pope allied himself with the Guelphs. All modern history stems directly from the struggle between these two powers. The Guelphs are also called the Neri, Black Guelphs, or Black Nobility, and supported William of Orange in his seizure of the throne of England, which eventually resulted in the formation of the Bank of England and the East India Company, which would rule the world from the 17th century. All coup d’etats, revolutions and wars in the 19th and 20th centuries are centered in the battle of the Guelphs to hold and enhance their power, which is now the New World Order.


The power of the Guelphs would extend through the Italian financial centers to the north of France in Lombardy (all Italian bankers were referred to as "Lombards"). Lombard in German means "deposit bank", and the Lombards were bankers to the entire Medieval world. They would later transfer operations north to Hamburg, then to Amsterdam and finally to London. The Guelphs would start the slave trade to the colonies. The Guelphs, in order to aid their control of finance and politics, would perpetuate gnostic cults which eventually developed into the Rosicrucians, Unitarians, Fabian Society and the World Council of Churches.

Phoenicia was an ancient civilization centered in the north of ancient Canaan, with its heartland along the coastal regions of modern day Lebanon, Syria and Israel. Phoenician civilization was an enterprising maritime trading culture that spread across the Mediterranean during the period 1550 BC to 300 BC. Though ancient boundaries of such city-centered cultures fluctuated, the city of Tyre seems to have been the southernmost. Sarepta (modern day Sarafand) between Sidon and Tyre is the most thoroughly excavated city of the Phoenician homeland. The Phoenicians often traded by means of a galley, a man-powered sailing vessel, and are credited with the invention of the bireme.

It is uncertain to what extent the Phoenicians viewed themselves as a single ethnicity. Their civilization was organized in city-states, similar to ancient Greece. Each city-state was an independent unit politically, and they could come into conflict and one city could be dominated by another city-state, although they would collaborate in leagues or alliances.

The societies rested on three power-bases: the king; the temple and its priests; and councils of elders. Byblos first became the predominant center from where the Phoenicians dominated the Mediterranean and Erythraean (Red) Sea routes. It was here that the first inscription in the Phoenician alphabet was found, on the sarcophagus of Ahiram (ca. 1200 BC). Later, Tyre gained in power. One of its kings, the priest Ithobaal (887-856 BC) ruled Phoenicia as far north as Beirut, and part of Cyprus. Carthage was founded in 814 BC under Pygmalion of Tyre (820-774 BC). The collection of city-kingdoms constituting Phoenicia came to be characterized by outsiders and the Phoenicians as Sidonia or Tyria. Phoenicians and Canaanites alike were called Zidonians or Tyrians, as one Phoenician city came to prominence after another. The Jews of today adopted the word Zidonians or "Zionists" to describe their origins to justify their claims to the lands of Levant instead the word of Khazars as that would tie them to the less desired environment in the Russian plains ignoring the fact that over 90% of the present day Jews are Khazars.

The Phoenicians were also the first state-level society to make extensive use of the alphabet. The Phoenician phonetic alphabet is generally believed to be the ancestor of almost all modern alphabets. Phoenicians spoke the Phoenician language, which belongs to the group of Canaanite languages in the Semitic language family. Through their maritime trade, the Phoenicians spread the use of the alphabet to North Africa and Europe, where it was adopted by the Greeks, who later passed it on to the Romans and Etruscans. In addition to their many inscriptions, the Phoenicians were believed to have left numerous other types of written sources, but most have not survived. Evangelical Preparation by Eusebius of Caesarea quotes extensively from Philo of Byblos and Sanchuniathon.

In terms of archaeology, language, and religion, there is little to set the Phoenicians apart as markedly different from other cultures of Canaan. They all were Canaanites. They were unique in their remarkable seafaring achievements. In the Amarna tablets 14th century BC, they call themselves Kenaani or Kinaani (Canaanites). Note, however, that the Amarna letters predate the invasion of the Sea Peoples by over a century. Much later in the 6th century BC, Hecataeus of Miletus writes that Phoenicia was formerly called χνα, a name Philo of Byblos later adopted into his mythology as his eponym for the Phoenicians: "Khna who was afterwards called Phoinix". Egyptian seafaring expeditions had already been made to Byblos to bring back cedars of Lebanon as early as the third millennium BC.

In the below map red represents the Greece colonies around the Mediterranean between the 800-600 BC. The yellow shows the existing Phoenician City States at the time.


Genetic studies, e.g. by Spencer Wells of the Genographic Project has conducted genetic studies that demonstrate that male populations of Lebanon, Malta, Spain, and other areas settled by Phoenicians, share a common m89 chromosome Y type. Male populations in areas associated with Minoan or with the Sea People settlement have completely different genetic markers. This implies that Minoans and Sea Peoples probably did not have ancestral relation with the Phoenicians.

In 2004, two Harvard University educated geneticists and leading scientists of the National Geographic Genographic Project, Dr. Pierre Zalloua and Dr. Spencer Wells identified "the haplogroup of the Phoenicians" as with avenues open for future research. The male populations of Tunisia and Malta were also included in this study. They were shown to share "overwhelming" genetic similarities with the Lebanese. In 2008, scientists from the Genographic Project announced that "as many as 1 in 17 men living today on the coasts of North Africa and southern Europe may have a Phoenician direct male-line ancestor."

Roman emperors used Carthage as a place of exile their family members and others with any ambitions to real power. With time this special collection of nobility and their descendants in this powerful seagoing city was bound to become a thorn to the power structures of the Rome.

At the end there was no alternative and Rome had to wage war against Carthage. The first of the Punic war was fought between 264-241 BC and at the end Rome overrun this North African City State ruled by the descendants of Roman nobility in exile and the ancient traders masters of the Mediterranean sea and killed or enslaved most whom they captured. The land was sown with salt to make it dead and thus effectively eliminating the rebirth of the City State of Carthage. The Canaanites of Carthage called themselves Punics. Those who survived among the nobility adopted a name of Sepharvaim to deceive their origins while moving mainly to the Northern Italy.

Some 1,600 years later on the 14th century AD they had advanced well by intermarrying into the European royalty and aristocracy and were now known as the Black Nobility or the Venetian Black Nobility.


Today 600 years later their highest accomplishment is the control over the Federal Reserve Bank of the USA or FED.

A competing camps was formed from the Edomites or descendants of Esau who intermarried with the Turks forming Turco-Edomite mixture which later became known as Khazars.

We fast forward to the current world:

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The banking empires controlled by the Bilderberg Anglo American group had before the banking crisis a little over US$ 20 Trillion in their balance sheets. How did they fare during the 2008 financial crisis? As organizers of it all they for sure must have come out of it in better shape than they went in.













Presidents Clinton, Bush W and Obama killed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933

Did President Bill Clinton know what he was doing when he started dismantling one of the major achievements of President Roosevelt, the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933? Of course he knew what he was doing. This deed saved his presidency after Monica Lewinsky scandal and since has has paid him handsomely in lecture fees and book sales.

This law was crafted to prevent the 1929 crash from ever happening again. Was he asleep in the rudder of the country or was he just a fool? By now we know that he was no sage nor seeker but one of these two:

  1. He who knows and knows not that he knows, is asleep; wake him
  2. He who knows not and knows not that he knows not, is a fool; shun him.

There is also the right explanation. When Monica Lewinsky scandal broke in 1998 Clinton became political liability and the Democratic Party needed help. The question was - to oust Clinton or to keep him? The powers behind GOP, the republican party, had maneuvered Clinton to this position but they could not be sure if they could get both the House and the Senate also. Clinton refused to resign and he still had enough political capital that forcing him out like Nixon carried too high risk for GOP.

After the necessary political posturing GOP to keep the religious right at bay a deal was the most likely outcome. For Monica affair to disappear from lime light Clinton had to steer the democratic party to yield and stick the longest ever thorn to their flesh and dismantle the Glass-Steagall Act. This satisfied the private global Banking Empire that also controls the FED. This law was the only barrier left that prevented this global Banking Empire from taking over the global financial Markets. The Glass-Steagall Act died on November 12th, 1999 and with that the world changed overnight.

The Anglo-US & Dutch Banking Empire started working immediately on five fronts. It controlled already all the meaningful US print and TV news media and they had already learned how to guide the people like lemmings to any direction they wanted. Here is what was done:

  1. Suddenly all the American families regardless of their income level had the "right" to live in their own home. Loans were given out in ridiculous terms making almost everyone eligible for a "mansion" for a limited time period. Those who did not fully understand the risks or were just fools were trapped. It was hard to resist when you could see the house prices shooting up each month and each year - this was seemingly free money to the taker.
  2. Derivatives. Enron was a US$ 100 Billion energy trading company that declared bankruptcy in december 2001. For at least two years it had been used to test a totally new derivatives game concept where anything could be balanced against anything provided that it was traded somewhere in the world. When the know how of this new strategy was complete Enron was simply put to bankruptcy and with that the tracks were wiped clean. This trading was in the hands of the Banking Empire and since the trade has grown phenomenally having today a face value of US$ 600 Trillion - over 40 times more than the US GDP. This bubble will crash one day and take the global economy with it. Today this bubble is the noose that holds the world as hostage with the Banking Empire holding all the keys.
  3. The bubble had been growing already since 1998. This growth accelerated immediately after the Glass-Steagall was out of the way creating an euphoria of huge profits. It reached it's peak in early 2000 and was then simply blown out with relentless naked short selling. The relentless Monica Lewinsky issue kept the news of the crash largely hidden to the back pages until it was too late for people to react.
  4. New superior trading tool were now also available for the Banking Empire like the "Black Box" that Goldman Sachs had developed. They wre now so sophisticated that they could even steal trades that were under execution on slower computers. This "Black Box" is the most perfect tool for naked short selling. The time for a global market crash was planned for the September 15th, 2008. This crash timing strategy has transferred up to US$ 8 Trillion wealth from the tax payer pension reserves to the Banking Empire - and for whatever reason we can not get the US Congress to stop the naked short selling. In Germany this trading practice was stopped in less that 24 hours from the moment they realized that the government debt could be put to risk. The ban was expanded to cover their stocks markets after this practice was analyzed further.
  5. The heavy influence of Germany in EU is a potential game stopper for the Banking Empire. A plan was deviced years ago to use the weaker economies of Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal (PIGS) with liberal labor policies as a cause to run the interest on their sovereign debt to stratosphere. The excessive interest rates will create tension within Euro as the other member states will at the end refuse to subsidize these economies. The aim was to bankrupt these countries and with that cause local unrest and if lucky that would lead dismantling the EU. EU proved to be stronger and in the worst case now the PIGS can fix their situation simply by adopting their old currencies like UK, Denmark, Norway and Sweden who have never even joined the money union. There is also a much better way to do this but that will require major changes in EU legislation and that will take years to implement.

The meantime China is growing so fast that the Banking Empire cannot afford to quarrel with EU any longer.

Coming back to President Clinton we have seen him reaping exuberant speaking assignments during his years of retirement from the office of the President and he has become a wealthy man - a real American dream. There is nothing new here. It all follows the script the real rulers in shadows have always used covertly to silence those that know too much but are the same time too well protected by fame or the personal security they have.

Here is the story of the Glass-Steagall Act:

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Mr. Clinton was certainly smart enough to understand what was going on leaving the only logical answer that he was already bought out by the establishment!
















Ambitions of the Anglo American & Dutch banking oligarchy

Ireland and evolving of the biggest Financial Scam in the Human History

November 21, 2010

Ireland is an independent country of the Irish people. The country itself was not in any financial trouble with a relatively small -3.9% (of GDP) trade balance and that is what counts. The private banks of Ireland are private entities incorporated by the laws of Ireland and the government of Ireland had no say nor responsibility in their operations.

The Anglo-American Banking Empire (AABE) demanded that the Irish people are responsible of the debts of the three private Irish banks! This regardless that the Irish people had nothing to do with their business.

These faulty private banks all were private enterprises and if they cannot pay their bills they should be put to bankruptcy. This is the normal process that AABE forces on all ordinary businesses and private citizens if they cannot pay their debts. The properties are just foreclosed and taken over and everything is liquidated in fire sale auctions.

It does not matter at all what the circumstances have been like e.g. just a temporary cash flow problem. In reality the refinancing and fire sale fees are a major income source for such entities like the AABE group.

How did these three Irish banks got into this trouble will be discovered one day but we can bet that there will be similarities with the case of Iceland. The bank directors were trapped one way or the other into borrowing excessively from AABE to gain short term profits from "forever" raising stock and commodity prices.

They were likely ignorant enough to know that AABE owns most of this game we valued at $615 trillion (BIS) at the time. As owners they have practically unlimited tools to manipulate the prices of almost anything that is traded there. The tiny Ireland became important domino piece that was used to study the worst case scenario for AABE's own future. How do people at large react at the end - will they dust off the guillotines or will they let the AABE leadership to do what they want.

The tiny Iceland with Viking heritage rebelled and AABE was forced to withdraw from there.

This was the concern of the Bilderberg Society. They had prepared the ground well in Iceland but that was not sufficient - what went wrong. That was to be studied using Ireland as their laboratory.

To understand what is on the table we have to go back to Iceland.


Financial Status of Iceland just before September 15th, 2008

The three private banks: Glitbnir, Landsbanki and Kaupthing, had borrowed already $75+/- billion from EU Private Banks in Euros and British Pounds, and they had successfully marketed ultra high yield deposit accounts through their subsidiaries in UK and Netherlands.

  1. GDP of Iceland is around $14 billion .
  2. In this respect the foreign debt of Glitbnir, Landsbanki and Kaupthing,was now more than 5 times the GDP of Island. Nobody paid attention? The government for sure should have but how much did they know about the dealings of these private enterprises?
  3. However, this huge disparity did not bother the UK and Dutch private banks. Why not? The only explanation is that this practice whatever is behind it is outside the banking regulators' domain everywhere.
  4. These three Icelandic banks paid 15% interest to their depositors in Euros or British pounds, not in Zimbabwean dollars in 2008. If nothing else that should have raised flags all over in the UK, the Netherlands and elsewhere in EU as no banker there could claim ignorance. Whatever loans the bankers had given these banks they must have known a good reason to give these loans. Perhaps the fortune teller on the street corner had told to go ahead as it all would change on September 15th, 2008.

There are at least several plausible explanations to what happened in Iceland, in Greece and now in Ireland and soon enough in Portugal, in Spain, in Italy and the rest of the European dominos provided that our AABE has the balls top play and brains to win. They have though an uphill battle now as China has the fastest supercomputer and they graduate multiple numbers of engineers over the USA and UK. These engineers are no more working on better bows and arrows either like the masses in the USA still think.


When the numbers are too big to be believable that takes care of the problem...

A) The AABE had created a Parallel Financial Universe (PFU) outside the $58 trillion global economy. In comparison to Iceland's $75 billion debt the PFU should be about $250 trillion or 4 times the global GDP. As nobody paid attention to the $75 billion debt held by the three Iceland's private banks why would they pay any attention to the $250 trillion?

B) The AABE is working also on another sector of this PFU that consists of a $615 trillion derivatives as note value (BIS). All market prices are most of the time in Brownian motion (Mandelbrot), disrupted from time to time by Black Swans that AABE was and still is able to create at will. Looking the statistics on currencies the brownian motion appears to have one sigma variation at around 5%. One sigma from $615 trillion means $31 trillion in note value. With margin requirement of 4% one sigma move would result to a margin call of $6.5 trillion. This is close to the magnitude of money transferred from US and European tax payers to AABE during the banking crisis started on September 15th, 2008 - timed with the September options expiration.

C) A & B together add up to $865 trillion in book entries in debts and credits. With these tools PFU can create huge swings to any prices in the real world.

D) The AABE may have organized the full daylight robbery of Iceland banks to a perfectly legal business by offering the bank directors lucrative long positions while shorting themselves the Iceland's currency and stock markets.



The people of Iceland, Greece and Ireland are not guilty to anything at all and should have courage to stand against all and every demand from UK, EU and IMF.

Everything points that Iceland was a scam like Ireland and Greece late. Iceland and Ireland were in very good shape based on their trade balances and in international dealings nothing else matters. Greece is a test to bring up the animalistic side of the more explosive South European people just to see how far they would be willing to go.

The game will continue for years in more and new dominos like Portugal, Spain, Italy, and perhaps even France will be added. Without Guillotines on the streets AABE - a private banking cartel - will continue using their $615 trillion derivatives tool to extract all available wealth from these countries.

Dismantling of AABE sounds impossible but so is the second best option the World War III.

Establishing Euro-zone and the ECB that was the only entity to issue new Euros was a huge win for AABE. This was the missing tool tool be used against the ordinary financially less savvy Europeans and get them believing that they, the tax payers, are responsible of the debts of their national banks to avoid their banking and financial systems of being totally ruined.

UK and the Nordic countries except Finland (who is afraid of Russia) were those who kept their own currencies and own central banks to control their own destiny in this world. A sovereign can always print more money if it needs. It is the trade balance that determines the value of that currency and nothing else. This means that the country can print as much money it wants or even reduce the money in circulation without any effect to currency exchange rate as long as the trade balance remains stabile.

Ordinary people do not get this. They just believe that the government has to pay its debts or the interest rates of this debts will ruin the currency. What interest rate? The government does not need to pay any interest for the money it prints. If the government is stupid and borrows money from other Sovereigns it has to pay interest and capital like any ordinary persons that borrows money.

The Government is not a person and has the ability to print money at will as much it wants as long the inflation in the country is kept under control. It can also lend it this money to other sovereigns and earn interest like China is doing right now!

The old truth remains: the lender is a dictator and can issue new rules to any borrower that fails to fully honor the existing debt contract.