Galacticwind - Dangers

In ("GOD") NWO We Trust


A recent study by ETH, Switzerland showed that today 147 corporations a control 40% of the global wealth according to study covering 43,000 transnational corporations with Bank of America Corporation, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, Merrill Lynch & Co Inc, and JP Morgan Chase & Co among the 25 most powerful amongst them.

The same fascist families among the European and American aristocracy that were behind the little known failed coup of 1933 in the USA are again and created a nebulous entity called the New World Order (NWO). The major US news organizations never broadcasted the 2009 BBC audio report based on interviews and material inside the US National Archives. These reveal the events of a serious coup attempt in the USA. The life of the newly elected President Roosevelt was among the "disposables" depending on his reactions to accepting his new role as obedient talking head towards the people at large.

The aim is to have one world government that will support them and their descendants forever. According to Prince Philip ‘population of the earth must be reduced radically.’

The roots of the current superclass of humans relate back at least over two millenniums to Rome and Carthago and include groups establishing Venetian Black Nobility, Freemasons, Illuminati and many other secret societies leading slowly to ownership to the present day Banking Empires that now control the unregulated global derivatives casino with face value over US$ 1,000 Trillion or about 15 times the combined global GDP. This global derivatives casino is an unstoppable tool to take over all global food production, water resources and all industries.

How New World Order or NWO already controls the World is best explained by a simple example:


Price of gold went all the way to close US$ 1,773 per ounce on September 22nd, 2012, and today June 28th it is already below US$ 1,200. People at large have been urged to put at least some of their assets into precious metals like gold or gold mining companies and many have done just that. It works only for those who have bought physical gold. It works against all others and especially those who invest using margin debt. They must eliminate their margin debt to avoid being eaten alive. Investing gold mining companies that will survive the slaughter would work well but at this stage of the game we do not know which ones can do it.

The NWO’s superior power reaching even over all governments comes from their ownership to the global now already US$ 1,000 trillion derivative’s markets they started pumping up from minor assets to this monster in mid 1990’s. This monster is owned by the same global private banks that own the US Federal Reserve Bank or FED. They accomplished this summer to have their man ( all “former” Goldman Sachs executives ) also at the helm of Bank of England while IMF, ECB and all meaningful European central Banks have had these already.

The dress rehearsal culminated in 2001 when they put Enron to bankruptcy and initiated the global assault with worthless mortgage papers - the rest is history.

Today their supercomputers algorithms direct the markets’ movements and cover every major currency and commodity. This include exchange rates, LIBOR, interest rates in various countries, raw materials, grains, cereals, stock markets and everything traded globally. As owners of this US$ 1,000 trillion derivatives casino owners they don’t need to make good for their margin calls with their counterparts, their coconspirator banks - as they are trusted to make good of their debts. If we mortals get a margin call it must be settled by that very day or the underlying stock or commodity is sold for whatever price markets will offer – never positive for us.

These supercomputers are mostly located next to all major exchanges and are fully capable to intervening and stealing any deal that is being executed as long as this execution is not fully completed and verified by the exchange computers.

Back to the Gold Story: NWO started their assault against gold on September 22nd 2012 when the gold price peaked at US$1,773. This process was already used against the countries and is now apparently being used against the selected industries.

In this example it will transfer the ownership of most major gold mines to the hands of the joint coconspirators by wiping out the individual shareholders. All gold mines that have large expansion programs using debt financing or for whatever reason have large debt in their books are all now in grave danger. The people and shareholders at large have no more excess cash and cannot intervene at all.

As the price of gold is low, the banks want the companies to provide more collateral. They may be able to do this initially but soon after the interest rates start rising maintenance of these loans will become impossible. Many of these companies will end into bankruptcy with banks confiscating all the mining properties to cover the debts leaving nothing to shareholders.

Perhaps you have noticed that the world’s only real banker – China - keeps on buying real yellow gold in massive quantities according to the monthly reports. They know that within a few years we will have shortage of inexpensive physical gold!

NWO accomplishes this all without using any real money, only promissory notes between the largest conspirator banks of the world.

If the current laws and regulations are not changed this will be the largest wealth theft ever accomplished and it is done using computers and deception as the only tools. If we let this all happen we deserve it!

Actually we could stop this process even tomorrow - but we our governments do not listen to the voters any more. There are two ways to solve this issue and show the better one below. The French, Russians, Chinese and many others around the globe have often ended up to the other and more or less bloody option during the past decades, centuries and millenniums.

Below is a simple and effective solution that will also kill the US$ 1,000 trillion derivatives casino. Most of the casino owners would be bankrupt and if any of them would survive they would no more pose danger to the world at least not for the next two generations...

    1. Only producers like farmers and miners can sell their future production against a promissory note for a set price. The rest of the price would be paid at the delivery of the products as agreed. This promissory note is a call option. The purpose is to secure the product availability to the consumers at reasonable price and to make sure that the producer would fill contracts as agreed. This is the only valid reason why we have commodity markets today.
    2. Only those who will use these products can participate to this type of deals of promissory notes that define the price of a future delivery at the agreed date where at signing the agreement only a fraction of the price of the final delivery is paid.
    3. Everybody else, those who just want to invest to these products must pay these products fully at signing of the contract. The money minus the option price, paid to the producer, is put on an escrow account located in a government controlled or owned bank. The purchaser will now get a different call receipt proving the ownership to this future delivery and has the right to sell it further as long as the escrow account has the initial amount of money that is used to settle the delivery with the producer at delivery.
    4. This new call receipt can be sold further provided that the initial deal related amount of cash is deposited on the escrow account.
    5. If the producer wants to sell the call option the new buyer must deposit the originally agreed contract price to an escrow account as above.
    6. The producer can buy the call option back from user at any agreed price and with that the original contract expires.

With the derivatives casino NWO has the ability to repeat the process against any country and corporation at will and if the citizens and people do not care it’s their fault and they deserve the ensuing slavery for as long as they live. Their life expectancy is not that long as the GMO products controlled by the NWO will likely shorten their lives and likely make them or their children infertile if what the multiple farming results are true as reported in a multitude of cases from multitude of countries and from all continents.