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GMO's are ruthless and silent WMD against poor and least educated people on Earth

It is time to take action and not to purchase any products from any company that supports any movement that prevents the consumers from knowing which products contain Genetically Modified (GMO) genes.

The dangerous change for humans surfaced when Epicyte discovered a gene that prevents the organism from producing offspring. This company was immediately bought together by Monsanto and DuPont. These global giants have now implanted this gene to all their seeds covering major food crops.

Their original purpose may have been to create better seeds than can be both durable against a multitude of plant diseases and most pests. The latter can be understood simply by offering e.g. chickens GMO seeds and non-GMO seeds. They simply do not touch the GMO seeds if the others are available. The cattle farmers have discovered that their cattle have considerably fewer offspring if they are given GMO seeds. This tells that eating GMO products carry always a risk!

If you look around you discover that more young couples have no children at all than it use to be and many of them have difficulties in getting them. Of course not having children can be a choise but it is not the way the nature has designed it. It will have consequences that those without will discover later on. However with GMO pushed everywhere the world is now on a slippery slope as it appears that Epicyte's killer gene is taking its first baby steps outside from its current hosts.

The newest discories from Mars tell that the red planet may have had a thicker atmosphere that the earth. At least two theories would explain it:

  1. Aan unsusally strong and violent solar wind burst simply blew it away like we can blow the flame from a cndle, the Earth just wan not on that area of the space at that moment;
  2. Ssomething just killed all the vegetation leaving nothing to support the life, Easter island is a slightly resembling example. After the people cut down all the trees the nature responded by starving them to death while the earth at large kept on keeping the atmosphere above it alive.

The discovery by Epicyte promised Monsanto and DuPont huge rewards as the farmers would now need to buy their seeds as the seeds of the growing season would no more produce new plants.

It is probably less thought but all individual genes in food we eat will use the same mechanism inside our bodies than the original Monsanto's simople invention allowing gene transfer from one species to another.

To make it simple: a mixture of gene material that one wants to implant to a plant is taken to close contact with plants that are targeted. The nature takes care of the rest and some of these genes will get implanted to their new host. The human digestive track is no different! The same process starts every time also when we get such a simple injection like a flu shot. In general all injections are much more dangerous than anything we put into our digestive track.

All GMO products contain this killer gene discovered by Epicyte. The danger is that in case this gene gets implanted to our gene material it multioplies like all others and soon enough it prevents us from having any offspring or we will have misformed cancer prone and weak offspring that are unable to reproduce.

We’re now only DAYS away from the next big GMO-labeling vote in the United States; this time in Washington State, where citizens will cast their votes for the people's initiative 522, "The People's Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act," on November 5.

As in last year’s California Proposition 37 GMO labeling campaign, the opposition from industry is fierce, with millions of dollars being poured into the anti-labeling campaign. This year, they’ve really outdone themselves, being caught in a money laundering scheme designed to protect the identity of food companies contributing money to defeat Initiative 522.

As reported by “The food industrial giants gave individually in California last year, contributing to a $46 million war chest that narrowly turned back the labeling measure.

In planning the anti-522 campaign, however, Grocery Manufacturers Association CEO Pamela Bailey recommended creation of a fund — which became the Defense of Brand Strategic Account — in part to ‘better shield individual companies from attack.’ Donations would be laundered through the account.

Here is the list of companies that accordingly do not deserve your business:

Company Amount donated
Abbott Nutrition 127,459
Bimbo Bakeries USA 94,693
Bruce Foods Corp. 3,006
Bumble Bee Foods 36,073
Bunge North America 94,993
Bush Brothers & Co. 16,233
Campbell Soup Co. 265,140
Cargill Inc. 98,601
Clement Pappas & Co. Inc 21,043
Clorox Company 12,024
Coca-Cola 1,047,332
ConAgra Foods 285,281
Dean Foods 120,245
Del Monte Foods 86,576
Flowers Foods 141,288
General Mills 598,819
Hershey 248,305
Hillshire Brands 97,398
Hormel Foods 52,908
J.M. Smucker Co 241,091
Kellogg 221,852
Knouse Foods 14,429
Land O'Lakes 99,803
McCormick & Co 102,208
Mondelez Global 144,895
Moody Dunbar 1,804
Nestle USA 1,052,743
Ocean Spray, Cranberries, Inc. 55,313
PepsiCo 1,620,899
Pinnacle Foods Group 120,846
Rich Products Corp 24,049
Shearer's Foods, Inc. 25,251
Sunny Delight Beverages Co. 21,043
Welch Foods 28,859